We create Strong AI (also known as Artificial General Intelligence). The distinctive feature of our developed technology is its capability to understand the information generated by human and for human, and its ability to be understood by human, the same way as logical or abstract thinking, learning ability and other features pertaining to intelligence.

Professional psychologists and mathematicians are the core of our team. In the course of research, we arrived to the opinion that the best way to create AI is to copy human mental processes. Having applied the modern methods human mentality exploration on the level of concept processing (psychoanalysis, phenomenology methods), we obtained the detailed data related to human mind processes, and developed our technology architecture.

This approach to the technology development sets us apart from the traditional way of AI creation. We consider that any efforts to combine, out of a large amount of mathematical methods aimed to settle a particular niche task, the full-scale AI are unpromising. Only the software, which completely duplicates both the human mentality and mind processes, should be able to properly understand a human, the information generated by human for human, and make the relevant conclusions we anticipate to achieve from intelligence.

By early 2016, we developed technology architecture, and implemented the major cognitive mental processes in the form of algorithms. Also we tested the algorithms in the projects of our partner companies (Yandex, Data-Centric Alliance, TUT.BY, and others). Thus, we have verified the viability of our solutions aimed at representing of major processes of human mentality in the digital form.

During 2016 year, we start developing the fully-featured AI by integrating into the single system our developed algorithms, database and particular algorithms clusters (i.e. speech to text processing, etc.).

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